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Sheena Majette

Founder & President

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The inspiration for Diamonds and Pearls Girls Club, Inc. is based on Sheena Majette’s experience in raising three daughters as the custodial parent. As a busy working mother, also involved in all aspects of her daughters’ lives, including serving as a cheer coach, most of the hours in the day were devoted to her work, extra-curricular activities, homework, meals, and bedtime. There was little to no time left in the day to discuss and cultivate basic life skills. There was also no K-12 school curriculum that supported this need. Although doing her best to fill that gap, finding time to provide comprehensive learning in those areas was a challenge. As a result, now that her daughters are all adults, she has witnessed the impact the lack of engaging those learning needs has had and wants to provide an avenue for parents that support teaching these important skills.


Sheena Majette has worked in the non-profit environment in executive roles for over 20 years. She has worked in continuing education and has a proven track record of success in the areas of strategic planning, education program management and development, meetings and committee management, budget and research analysis, and mentoring and sponsoring professional career development to name a few.


Majette has made noted accomplishments in increasing educational outreach.  Her programs are known to incorporate innovative approaches to adult learning modalities and receive high satisfaction ratings in advancing the knowledge, attitude, and skills of attendees.

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