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The complete curriculum will be provided as a 20-week program held every Saturday. Each program will be highly interactive including ice-breakers, breakout workgroups, case-based, and problem-based learning, as well as pre- and post-tests to measure learning outcomes.  Industry experts will be invited to share strategies, tools, and techniques to support the growth and development of life skills. 


Each competency category will be taught per week.  Girls can sign up for individual topic categories or a combination thereof.  

This organization will cultivate those essential life skills and prepare young girls to be their best selves in the transition

from girls to Women.

Interpersonal Skills.png

Interpersonal Skills

According to a Bloomberg report surveying over 200 top level executives in business and academia, significant gaps in the lack of soft skills needed for students to perform in a high level professional environment were identified.  Responses indicated that new recruits are not meeting expectations in interpersonal skills such as emotional intelligence, negotiation and persuasion, and, notably, complex reasoning.   This curriculum is designed to be an immersive, interactive experience to gain those key soft skills.


  • Communication Strategies

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Critical Thinking

  • Crisis Management

  • Influence and Persuasion/Negotiation Strategies

Social Engagement.png

Social Engagement

This curriculum is designed to build off the lessons learned with interpersonal skills* and have deep dive exercises that provide tools on how to apply the learning in a social environment.

*Participating in Interpersonal Skills curriculum is a pre-requisite to this program*


  • Building relationships

  • Peer to peer engagement

  • Parental engagement

  • Networking

  • Social interaction

Financial Planning.png

Financial Planning

Middle and High School curricula do not include lessons on financial literacy.  This program is designed to position our youth to be more financial literate and better prepared to transition into their adult lives with the competencies needed to establish a viable financial portfolio to set them up for success.


  • Bill payment

  • Budgeting 

  • Establishing Bank Account

  • Investments/Credit Management

  • Managing Finances

Professional Development.png

Professional Development

As a follow-up to the data cited related to interpersonal skills, in accordance with a survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), “employers want job candidates with uniquely human skills, but finding those candidates isn’t easy.  Nearly three in four employers say they have a hard time finding graduates with the soft skills their companies need.”   This curriculum will not only prepare the Diamonds and Pearls members to build their professional portfolio, but they will also learn how to showcase the soft skills that will resonate as valuable competencies to support the needs of the job.


  • Brand Management/Image Development

  • Career Exploration

  • Resume Writing

  • Interview Skills

  • Job Onboarding

Self Care.png


To expand on the expression “when you look good, you feel good,” taking good care of yourself is one of the most important components of living a productive life.  Related specifically to girls, there are certain nuances about their self- care that is different than that of boys.  


This curriculum will require parental/guardian consent as it will be a deep dive into the body and how to properly care for the whole physical self.  There will be a broad coverage of physical and mental care that will foster confidence, self-esteem and respect, and a healthy lifestyle.


  • Grooming

  • Mental Health Management

  • Nutrition

  • Physical Health Management

  • Self Esteem

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